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Evaluation: 2013 Billboard Songs Honors - Washington DC Music|Examiner.com

It's impossible not to feel bad for the manufacturers of the Signboard Music Awards. Offered that the honors are based on positions on Billboard charts, which are loaded with average and much less than average artists, the producers are compelled to take what they could obtain in terms of performers since the better top-selling artists (Adele, Mumford & Sons) stay clear of the show.

8:05 PM - In a flood of Vegas showgirls, host Tracy Morgan shows up wearing a coat that looks like the Chrysler Structure.

8:08 PM - Shania Twain provides the Rap Artist award to Nicki Minaj, which is using a dress (!) as well as basically more clothing than she's ever put on previously. She beats Psy so I guess YouTube views do not count towards getting votes.

8:15 PM - Selena Gomez walks like an Egyptian and does (i.e. lip syncs) 'Come and also Get It'.

8:19 PM - The Band Perry do "Better Dig Two" with singer Kimberly Perry putting on a dreadful lot of fringe and her siblings, Reid as well as Neil each using silver natural leather pants. Create absolutely nothing says country like silver leather pants. Midway the trio do a flooring tom solo appearing like a countrified Blue Guy Team minus the paint.

8:28 PM - Iconopop, which contains 2 women vocalists, carry out 'I Love It' which, if you have actually ever taken a rotating course, you're possibly knowledgeable about. Not exactly the most cohesive efficiency as a couple of singers walk aimlessly around the phase and also sometimes raise as well as down in area.

8:32 PM - Psy and also host Tracy Morgan, in an intense yellow suite and Psy-esque wig, attempt a dancing off and do a Youngster 'n Play step.

8:33 PM - Felon Chris Brown aims to sing 'Exchangeable' real-time and fails miserably. His voice continually cracks as well as he can't deal with the greater notes without going sharp. Things that could taken care of in a workshop can not be repaired right here. Fortunately he stops vocal singing completely to do a fake fighting styles dance segment with his male back-up dancers. His female back-up professional dancers remained an arms size away from Brown at all times and were able to leave the stage unharmed.

8:41 PM - Alyssa Milano in a 'just what is she putting on?!'? outfit as well as following link Avril Lavigne ('memba her?!), which thinks she just pointered onto a ceremony and promptly secure a phony smile and practical your hip posture, existing Digital Song to Carly Ray Jepson for 'Call Me Perhaps.".

8:44 PM - Frat rap artists Macklemore & Ryan Lewis carry out 'Thrift Shop' putting on busts that appear like they acquired at a second hand store.

8:53 PM - Tracy Morgan offers a quick however strange tribute to Michael Jackson by putting on a silver sequined coat he had made after seeing the King of Pop live.

8:54 PM - An extremely drunk Youngster Rock, which's looking increasingly more like Ted Nugent daily, gets the most effective split of the night with 'Allow's offer it up for individuals lip-syncing under pre-recorded songs.' Stone presents Leading Rap Track to Macklemore & Ryan Lewis for 'Second hand Shop.' They thank Goodwill and also Worth Village.

9:05 PM - Taylor Swift does '22' live for the initial time ever before on TELEVISION! Yay! Fortunate us! Swift and her limbs, are sporting a tee shirt with a unicorn and a sparkly rainbow on it (I desire I was joking). Starting backstage, Swift continues to the arena and afterwards to the phase selecting up some back-up dancers consisting of the Jabbawockeez along the road. The Jabbawockeez essentially dance circle her as Swift's choreography still consists of either walking or feet strongly in area as her arms move. Cue the red ballon decrease (her last cd is called Red. Obtain it?)!

9:08 PM - Kacey Musgraves sings 'Merry Go Round' with a guitar player, pianist and cellist. Verses consist of 'Momma's connected on Mary K, bro's connected on Mary J, Father's connected on Mary two doors down'. Since's country.

9:11 PM - Leading Exploring Artist visits Madonna who appears dressed like ... I do not even understand the best ways to describe the outfit ... but a bunch of fishnet is entailed as well as there's a padlock around her neck. She has presenter Will.I.Am hold her honor and her 'pompous sunglasses.'.

9:20 PM - Justin Bieber sings to track while carrying out 'Take You' and also determines to take us for a ride on Bieber Air. The number is presented in a flight motif full with leather attired women flight attendant dancers. Attach your seatbelts. It's visiting be a lousy efficiency. The Bieb is still using those went down crotch pants - this moment they're natural leather and to his knees - one glove, one sleeved coat and also aviator sunglasses. As if to confirm his mic is on, Bieber trousers right into his mic as he strikes his last position.

9:31 PM - Leading Album visits Taylor Swift's Red who explains the honor as 'enchanting.'.

9:34 PM - Pitbull & Christina Aguilera do 'Feel This Minute'. The choreography contains, well there is no choregraphy, which becomes rather evident when Pitbull as well as Aguilera nearly collide on stage. The tune borrows the key-board hook from A-ha's 'Take On Me' so, lo as well as behold, A-ha's lead singer Morten Harket appears as well as sings one carolers of 'Handle Me' as well as for around 15 secs, this efficiency deserves viewing.

9:42 PM - Top Male Artist visits Rachel Maddow lookalike Justin Bieber. He many thanks his 'whole Belieber fan team.'.

9:44 PM - After his awesome Grammy appearance, it's no surprise singer Miguel is carrying out below, even though he has yet to make a dent in the charts. Every little thing was going terrific up until 9:47 PM when Miguel tries to do a Jackie Wilson to leap over the follower more info pit into one more arm of the phase, overlooks his jump, comes up brief and also lands on a number of women in the pit, knocking them to the floor. Miguel, get prepared to create some examinations.

9:55 PM - Ed Sheeran, which obviously is Taylor Swift's date tonight (God help him), executes.

9:59 PM - J. Lo and Pitbull carry out 'Celebrate.' J. Lo starts by explaining 'Absolutely nothing Lasts Forever," which is true of her marital relationships. Putting on a red bangle leotard with red plume sleeves and red natural leather thigh high boots (not exactly the most slendering clothing), J.Lo finishes her performance resting on a stand constructed from guys. Kind of like just how it is for her in reality.

10:10 PM - Leading EDM Artist visits David Guetta which informs an enjoyable story concerning being on the cover of Signboard Journal 4 years earlier.

10:13 PM - Will.I.Am as well as Justin Bieber (on no, not again) perform "That Power". Yikes.

10:24 PM - David Guetta, Ne-Yo and also Akron carry out 'Play Hard.' It can be summed in one word: lasers.

10:30 PM - The Turning point Award (given you by Chevrolet) likelies to Justin Bieber. A touch of boos can be listened to through the applause. Bieber, while maintaining his pretentious sunglasses on claims the adhering to, 'I'm 19 years of ages. I assume, uh, I believe I'm doing a respectable job. And generally, from my heart, I actually wish to claim, it needs to ... actually be regarding the songs. It must be concerning the craft that I'm making. This is not a gimmick. I'm an artist and I need to be taken seriously and also all this various other bull must not be talked of.' He states this with a straight face while still wearing his lost crotch natural leather trousers.

10:36 PM - Vegas resident Celine Dion provides Signboard Artist of the Year to Taylor Swift. Swift obtains in a good line by telling her followers, 'You are the lengthiest and also ideal connection I've ever before had.'.

10:40 PM - Nicki Minaj and Lil' Wayne do 'Senior high school.' At one factor, Lil' Wayne rests on a chair while Minaj continues to provide him a lap dance. Stay elegant Nicki.

10:49 PM - Erykah Badu as well as Janelle Monae go into the phase like two stylized queens and offer the Symbol Honor to Royal prince.

10:52 PM - Ultimately, some imaginative integrity! Prince and also his all-female band provides a bluesed-out, sluggish jam version of 'Allow's Go Crazy' segueing into 'FixUrLifeUp' Using an environment-friendly one-piece suit, fringe jacket and afro, Royal prince actually returns to his Santana roots in this performance. Excellence.

For even more details on the Signboard Songs Honors, click right here.

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8:19 PM - The Band Perry perform "Better Dig Two" with vocalist Kimberly Perry using a terrible great deal of fringe and also her bros, Reid as well as Neil each using silver leather trousers. 9:05 PM - Taylor Swift does '22' live for the first time ever on TV! 9:20 PM - Justin Bieber sings to track while executing 'Take You' and determines to take us for a ride on site Bieber Air. 9:34 PM - Pitbull & Christina Aguilera do 'Feel This Minute'. 9:44 PM - After his killer Grammy appearance, it's no surprise singer Miguel is executing below, also though he has yet to make a dent in the charts.